Friday, March 5, 2010

Excuse me, which way to Gauguin's house?

This morning, I wished for nothing more than to be in Tahiti ... sipping fruity drinks, eating all things saturated with fragrant vanilla, and soaking in the sunshine. Reality bit me as soon as I stepped outside into New York streets sprinkled with wet snow/rain mix (a favorite, isn't it?), work full of unfinished projects, and an argument with Hot Stud over whether or not he is confrontational.

Why do married couples fall into the trap of perpetual arguments following the birth of a baby? I often worry that Hot Stud will only see me as the "nagging Mom" and forget that I am also a girl who not only used to be fun and loving but still is the same person with fears, loves, and a passion for life.

Speaking of passions, have you started getting your summer wardrobe in check yet? I am preparing a theme for this year's sun-drenched days: French boho girl who spends her afternoons in the national library and ends her nights with Charlotte Gainsbourg-esque crowd at the riviera. Follow? Lots of stripes, lots of fun gold-tone jewelry, lots of bronzer, and a smoky eye. Some of my favorites include Satya Jewelry (, Anthropologie's boho tops (, Free People anything (, Josie Maran's cream blush in Sunset (, Monyette Paris perfume (, and Old Navy's array of thin, printed scarves.

Can we feel like we are on the white beaches in Tahiti while stuck in a cubicle with recycled air and artificial light? We can try by imitating the beauty of Polynesian girls with blooming orchids in their hair and vanilla floating on top of their sunny, bronze skin.... until then...

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